Is Your Electrical Panel Up-to-Code?

Is Your Electrical Panel Up-to-Code?

Protect your home in Buffalo, NY by scheduling an electrical panel upgrade

In order for your home to function properly, you need an up-to-date electric panel. Upgrade your system by hiring Sub-City Electrical Inc. in Buffalo, New York. An electrician will look at your panel, determine if it needs any updates and ensure it's safe and up-to-code.

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When should you upgrade your electrical panel?

Your electrical panel is a crucial part of your home. Without it, you don't have electricity. Eventually, you may need to replace and upgrade your electrical service panel. You should upgrade your system if:

  • It's out of date. If you live in an older home with the original fuse box, get an electrical service upgrade and switch to circuit breakers.
  • It's constantly tripping. Something's wrong if your breakers switch off regularly. An electrician can diagnose the problem and recommend whether you need an electric panel upgrade.
  • Your lights dim often. Do you ever plug something in and notice your lights dimming? Your electrical panel may not be able to support all your devices.

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