Shine a Light on Your Upcoming Remodel

Shine a Light on Your Upcoming Remodel

Hire our team in Buffalo, NY for electrical remodeling service

Are you remodeling or adding a new room to your home? Update your electrical components with electrical remodeling service from Sub-City Electrical Inc. We'll make sure your wiring, appliances and panels are compatible with your upcoming changes.

Hiring an electrical contractor in Buffalo, NY by calling 716-481-5079.

Shine bright with professional lighting installation

If you recently purchased new lights, you may think installing them yourself is a good idea. Here's why you should only hire a professional to handle this task:

  • Electrical wires are dangerous
  • Professionals have the tools needed
  • You run the risk of injuring yourself

Illuminate your interior with lighting installation. Choose the best fixture for your interior design and trust our electrical contractor to install it properly.

If you're in Buffalo, NY and need lighting installation, call now to schedule your appointment.